Bandai Mandalorian releases

well folks, it looks like the star wars bandai bubble hasn’t been burst just yet, as it now looks like they are planning to do some items from the Mandalorian series, one figure and a ship at the moment


Sounds good. Thanks for the news!


i think the ship is going to be about 3 inches long which isn’t very big but Revell of Germany are planning to release on in 1/72 at the end of this year, so this might be to offset that release.

i believe that the release date is in July some time

Hopefully they will start reusing moulds and release the scout trooper and speeder again, with a small green child additional sprue. Also some nice scenes with x-wings in the series that would prompt a re-pop of the 1/48th kit, motorised or not? And an IG-11 droid would surely not be too difficult to produce…

Great that they are still producing new Star Wars products though, thanks for the heads up @Klaus-Adler

Cheers, J