Bandai Star Destroyer and Death Star II

It only took a few days of construction and painting to have a cheeky little table decoration. Bandai boxed the Death Star II with a Star Destroyer, originally I wanted to build the warship, but the superweapon got me. It can be put together in just half an hour, I haven’t used glue anywhere. Sure, the joints could have been sealed here and there, but I didn’t deal with it. The base color is Tamiya XF-19 sky gray lightened with flat white. I painted the panels with artistic oil, as I could safely wash back on the acrylic base and repair it with thinner. The colors I used: Abteilung snow white + Rembrandt Payne gray.
I was also done with the Star Destroyer in 1: 14500 scale. It had to be sealed here and there, unlike Death Star II. The real challenge is painting, these ships are usually brilliant whites in the movies (except for the Jedi returning from the blue-filtered Battle of Endor).

I built the surface from several layers:

black primer, Mr.Black Surfacer 1500
thin layer matt white + tamiya xf-19 sky gray
darker surfaces, temporary shadows with xf-19
highlight bright panels in matte white
dry brushing with white artificial oil.
Well, nothing of that seems obvious, but I hope you like it.


you’ve done a fantastic job on those kits, well done indeed


Great looking builds. :+1:


Excellent work mate.


He says it best…

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