Bandai X and Y wing double build. 1/72nd

Hey all, time for some more Star Wars fun.

Have made a start on both these kits. They go together very well, push fit but will be using glue, especially on Y-wing.

My only gripe is the separation of parts for the different colours, but I understand Bandai’s reasoning. Amazing engineering on the kits, especially the Y-wing fuselage with its unbelievable detail and all that pipe work, just astounding.

Was going to wait for the new campaign but will build something else for that. These are needed to complete my Bandai A-B-X-Y-wing rebel fighter collection.

Thanks for looking in.

A couple of closeup’s of that detail on the Y-wing, come on Bandai, this would be epic in 1/48th!

And the decals for both.


well you certainly have your work cut out there and it’s good to see someone building the Y-wing as that doesn’t seem to happen very often.

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Lovely to see a double build Jim. They both look nice. Its a good idea to glue, I did that on my AT ST . Look forward to seeing you build these up :+1:

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Thanks for the interest David @Klaus-Adler and John @Johnnych01 .

The Y-wing will be painted in the sub assemblies as they are just now, but the x-wing will have the top of the fuselage together once the cockpit is done, although the wings will be getting separated for painting too.

Spending more time staring and planning the paint than actually physically doing anything just now!


Those Bandai kits are little short of incredible! Minimal parts, and maximum detail! :+1: :+1:
:grin: :canada:


Probably one of the more important phases Jim…


I must agree Leo @Biggles50 , although the y-wing has dozens of bits of pipe work etc, still can’t get over the engineering, building it was a revelation, all manufacturers should be made to build this just to see what’s possible!

Yeah John @Johnnych01, if I could just make decisions before “staring and planning” becomes “I’ll just put this aside and start on something else”, I say while opening the old Tamiya Sherman kit I have just got delivered…Ha!


Great kits.

I built the X-wing as Red 2. I also built the TIE fighter and AT-AT kits.
I have the Y-wing, another X-wing and a AT-ST in the wings to be built.


AT_AT still needs weathering…

X-wing and TIE


Nice builds David! I always like to see an x-wing in one of the other squadron markings. I’ve only done a finemolds x-wing before, many years ago. And never a y-wing.

The Bandai kits are great. I’ve done an A-wing and B-wing so far, along with the AT-ST, and wish every manufacturer could do their kits so well.


Nice work both of you. I’m in the middle of a Bandai 1/72 X-Wing in the Partisan black and white scheme as seen in Rogue One and Andor (I was a little disappointed when I did a screen grab and noted that the two Xs shown were digital copies of each other and they didn’t do anything to differentiate them.)

I did an inventory last month and saw that I have 8 more Bandai 1/72X-Wings in the stash so I am going to attempt the 6 screen shown in A New Hope, Blue Leader in Rogue one, the Partisan one and maybe the last will be my own scheme.

I previously have done three FM 1/72 ones (Biggs and two of my own schemes) and one 1/48 one (Wedge).

I think I have an X-Wing problem.


Admitting that is the first big step… Well done … :grin::joy:


Dave, I thought I had a problem with two Bandai 1/72nd, two Finemolds 1/72nd and two Finemolds 1/48th X-Wings in the stash, but it turns out I have a long way to go yet!

You know, my wee Star Wars addiction is the Speeder Bike and Scout trooper, although I have only built one AMT kit so far I have another two of them, plus four unfinished Bandai kits. I’ve built up one of the Bandai kits and it is impressive. Here’s the unpainted Bandai trooper on the finished AMT speeder, having some non empirical sanctioned fun;


LOL, I think it could be better described as a Bandai Star Wars problem. The stash also has 2 Bs (one limited San Diego Comic Con and one regular), 2 Ys, Luke/TK421, Storm Trooper, Sand Trooper, Shore Trooper, Death Trooper, Scout and Bike, Mando, R2 & R5. Some of the X-Wings are the ones with the 1/144s, plus 1 Tie Advanced and 2 LN and enough trench bases to make a nice trench run in 1/144 with a backdrop wall.

Already built 1/72 Tie Advanced and two wingmen, an A and a Storm Trooper.

Time, all I need is time…

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