Barbatos Full Mechanics

I’m using this model to get back into building. I took 2 and a half years off. I usually build armor, but I do love Gundams.

This is the frame of the kit. Base coat of Tamiya gunmetal followed by a sloppy drybrush of chrome silver and gold details. Then added an AK dark brown wash. Tomorrow I will knock of some of the wash and start some home made oil washes.

I made some mods to the armor, but deleted the pics off my phone. I’ll reassemble everything when the frame is done.


Oils on. I only used black and burnt umber. Randomly apllied over a few days.

A little fine tuning and I’ll call it done. Then on to armor parts.


Look incredible

:metal:t4: Looking metallica :metal:t4:

That is cool, I like the attention to detail.

The fact that you have to build the mech up from skeleton, onwards…That is neat!

Thanks for sharing! :vulcan_salute:t3:

Barbatos club/sword thing painted and weathered. Same paint process as above, but heavier on the burnt umber wash.

Thanks for the comments! Snowman, a lot of the newer Gundams have inner frames like this. It makes for some interesting painting.


More Barbie…

Club finished. Just added some damage and scratches.

Armor on. I started oil washes but wasn’t really happy with the way it looked. I can’t airbrush right now and I think it looks a little too… meh.

So I added a little damage.


Some color added

Turquoise from a mig ammo russian cockpit kit. It’s almost perfect.

Also been adding washes and filters trying to get the white to tone down a bit. I tried an orchard yellow filter, but it didn’t work well. So I just drybrushed all the armor with black oil paint and removed/worked it in. Sucks not having a basecoat on. Still can’t airbrush right now.


I worked the oils for a few days. After the washes were dry enough I started drybrushing black oil paint over all the armor surfaces. Then used q-tips to remove and work it in. Once I was satisfied, I let it sit for about 5 days to let the black dry. Today I started chipping. I still need to tone them down/blend them in a bit more. But I’m hungry and models can wait!

I also still have to paint the white evergreen sheet parts I added to the blue pieces. I haven’t been able to get to the hobby store and I think I accidentally left all my paint behind when I moved😔


Ever get that feeling somethings watching you?


And she’s perfectly camouflaged too.

If only I could train an 8-legged modelling buddy to rig a biplane my life would be so much easier!

Great work on your build. I’ve only ever done a few Gundam robots and never any to this standard of finish. Lots of fun to put together.


I usually don’t go this deep into a Gundam. I usually do this to armor or other sci-fi stuff. But this was definitely a nice change of pace.

I’m pretty close to being done.

I finally was able to hit the store and buy some blue paint. Got the white parts I added to the blue pieces painted and weathered. Worked the oils for a while adding in a lot of areas. Use pastel to give it some dirt /nastiness. A little detail painting. I only need to spray a flat coat and maybe do something to the red pieces.

The light in these pics is a little harsh. The white pieces are actually light grey now after all the weathering. I’ll probably get more pics later away from LEDs.


I am also primarily a ship and armor modeler but Iron Blooded Orphans has so many good gundams in it I had to build up a few as well. Your Barbatos is looking fantastic!

oh wow, cool detail :grin:

Small stuff…

Remembered to actually buy some clear green today. So chrome silver and clear green on his one eye. Then brown on the pipelines throughout, black oil wash over brown.