Barrel from 1/35 Challenger 1

Preferably in the UK to avoid crazy postage, does anyone have an old barrel for either of the above, can even be part of an old gash / broken kit you have stuffed in a box somewhere. Message here or feel free to PM me.

I might have one from the Tamiya kit I used for my AA chieftain

Thanks Richard, that could be an option … Just need to look at postage from across the pond…:+1:

Yeah I have it. Let me check with the post office here in NY about the shipping.

Will look at my stash late tomorrow, when back from Stoke on Trent show.

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Cheers Frank… And all these damn shows I don’t know about on my days off… I gotta start paying more attention to show dates and venues… hopefully I can get to the Yeovil one Boots was on about

Richard, thanks for looking but after checking it out a bit more the Tamiya chieftain barrel won’t be any good, I thought it was just the MRS shroud I would need to add but the whole thermal sleeve is slightly different and will take to much work to make it into a L11A5… Thanks for the offer and taking the time to look though…
@frank that is probably the same for you mate, so don’t waste any time if it’s the Tamiya chieftain barrel…
I may have to get a donor Chally 1 for the barrel… I’m loathe to get the AA one in case it’s warped … I’m seriously starting to go off resin…

I see, no problem John.

May have the chally, one as done an crarrv start of last year.

That would be a bonus Frank if you have one … Let me me know once you a get a chance as there’s no rush… This one may take a while …

John, the AA barrels are normally pretty good; I use their Sov ones quite a bit and they have a thick wire stuffed down the centre to help stop any warping.

Problem is the L11A5 one they have is the same as the one that I have. So I’m dubious as to the resin finish for it, admittedly it may be a new cast and the newer grey resin … It’s tricky … I couldn’t find any other 120mm barrels out there…pity really

hi Johnny, not found the one I was looking for, must have binned it with quite a few other bits, but have a built kit that was given to me that I can remove the barrel from .

Frank, thats a very generous offer mate and I’d ask that you were 100% happy doing it before I said yes.

Not a good build, so a few bits coming off, for other projects

Blimey … that may be the kindest thing for that poor Chally 1, to take it apart for a base overall lol … so yes please mate that would be a godsend :+1:

send your address so i can post it,
this will be new to me on this site, not had messages on here it before.