Bases for autos

Now armour modellers have a nice range of bases that they can put their targets on, be it country roads, street scenes, deserts, railways and so forth, but what is out there for autos?
Yes I know I can build my own, but is there ready made options around?
Now Matija and Andrej Modelworks ( have a few bases, but what else is available?
Andy :slight_smile:

Depends on what type you like, a picture or real texture. Another option is Coastal Kits. I have used there cobblestone street on my 1/35 Jeep. Easy to cut down to size.

I don’t mind the picture bases for aircraft, but I was thinking of something with more texture to it for autos.
Andy :slight_smile:

If you’re doing 1:32nd scale the armour stuff is close enough, but I suspect you are inquiring about 1:24/25th.
These links are to U.K. retailers but once you see them if you like anything you can check for local sources:

There are several sets of accessories to go with the garage such as this one:



Yeah they are more like it, thanks M.
But I was thinking more along the lines of racetrack, and espaically rally stages.
Andy :slight_smile:

We’ve got some more general bases coming, but have a Monte Carlo rally stage on our “soon to be released” list :wink:

Any stages you would want to see? We’re always looking for more ideas.

As far as racetracks go, we’ve got the Nürburgring Karussell Corner in production and the famous Eau Rouge at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps coming.

-Nick at Matija and Andrej Modelworks (


There are a few in the Blacklight Design diorama accessories list, I think 4 bases available.

1/24th Scale Diorama Accessories - Blacklight Design (

You need to scroll down several pages to find them.

Cheers, D

The Monte Carlo rally stage is the exact type of thing I was thinking of, thanks Nick.

Nice one D, some very nice bases and bits and pieces on there.
Andy :slight_smile: