Bastogne War Museum, Bastogne, Belgium

Bastogne was the bulge in the German line of advance that has given the Battle of the Ardennes its nickname of Battle for the Bulge. There the US army, consisting of a rag-tag collection of units, just before the closure of the encirclement to be reinforced by the 101 Airborne division held out against all odds. They finally were liberated by Pattons units…
The museum is a collection of weapons, documents and vehicles that tell the story about the campaign, augmented by audio guides that tell the adventures of 4 persons during the battle. This makes for a nice and interesting narrative and even our kids found it interesting!
I also add photo’s of the memorial and of the remains of some foxholes in the vicinity.
The pictures were taken on 22-10-2021


very interesting and informative, thanks for posting

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Worthwhile a visit! Then there is also the Bastogne barracks. I hope to visit that this summer.

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