Battle for Hue City during the Tet Offensive: "Every Marine is a rifleman."

A lengthy work-in-progress continues. All figures are Bravo-6.
Marines and wall real
The diorama is loosely based on the above photo. My research has been inclusive regarding where this photo was taken and what unit is represented, However, it may be looking down Duy Tan Street, across from the MACV compound and representing Bravo Company1/1 Marines, which was a provisional unit consisting of the headquarters element and whatever Marines they could scrape together.

Here’s an overview shot taken while developing numerous mockups. It’s not the final layout.

Here’s a view of the base, groundwork, fence, and foliage.


Very nice, I like it.

Keep us posted,


Good work… I keep tuned how this will work out… Can only be good :wink:

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Can’t wait to see the result!

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Looks fantastic!

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Excellent work and amazing detail painting! This is going to be a stunning diorama!

Outstanding! I want to do a Hue diorama also. . maybe toss in an APC or M48. Hope mine turns out half as good as yours.

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Right on, another Nam dio, excellent!

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wow this is an amazing diorama and i can’t wait to see it finished, please post more updates as i will be following this build with interest!

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