Battle of Berlin Diorama Questions

I have long thought this might look nice with my Panther F whenever I finish it.

But I am left wondering: is this based on a photo? Anyone recognize this? Just how are the banners have supposed to have gotten there? How genuinely realistic is this?

There are a few others on the site that also look good that I would consider. “Sneak Attack” is one.

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I don’t know. But even if you got the kit and didn’t use the banners, or saved them for something else, it seems like a good deal. I did the signs for thier “Iraqi Street Scene,” which I own as well, and their stuff is quite good.

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Highly unlikely to see swastiska banners on a ruined building. They should better belong to the Reichparteitags Gelände.

This is what I wanted to know. I’ve seen a lot of the same Berlin photos as everyone else here. I just don’t recall seeing anything quite like this.

Of course, there are surely photos I haven’t seen.