Battle of Guadalcanal

Hi all. I’ll try to blog with you. Sorry, but I don’t speak English well (started learning)
Tank Stuart M3A1 from the Academy, converted into a diesel version.





nice start!

Welcome to KitMaker!

That Stuart looks amazing! Cant wait to see more.

Welcome to KitMaker!
Regards, Omar

Howdy Pavka, and welcome to the crew. I like the dio scenario, it looks great. The palms, what did you use for the palm leaves? I’ll be following along.

Don’t’ worry about the language barrier, building models is a universal language in and of itself.

Cheers, Ski.


@pavka Pavel, welcomexto kitmaker!

That’s a sweet Stuart M3A1!

Great stuff and nice work on the vehicle and figs!
Welcome aboard matey!

What did you use for the groundwork?

Thanks everyone

Corrugated paper and pvc coated steel wire. Bought at a craft store

Groundwork - furniture board (glued wooden board) and polystyrene foam glued with balsa

Add. Figures from Master box, Dragon and Tamiya. I want to add a Thompson 1928 with a disc and I will try to paint.


Excellent idea, that works well. Ruck On, I say :wink:

That’s a tidy looking little Stuart. I wouldn’t worry about the language barrier because I guarantee your English is better than my version of whatever your first language is, google translate not withstanding.

Great looking scene you are planning out there Pavel.

Good job! Welcome to the website! I believe i’ve seen some of your older work on another website?

Great start! I’ll be following your progress.
Dave :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks everyone for nice feedbacke.

I think not, my latest diorama:


Off to a good start and welcome to our Pages…Cheers Mark

There was an opportunity to buy tracks for Hanomag and decided to complete the diorama “schmutziger Buschkrieg” with the troops of the 12th SS division in Normandy. I’ll take a break and go back to Goodalcanal.


Abandoned the project. I will continue. I bought clay and sculpted the base. Stones - gypsum, earth - sand and coconut substrate. It turned out to buy a large sheet of brass, made plates. During the break, I completed the long-term construction of the KV-1S, I assembled the T-70M for it, as well as the pz III L for Kharkov 1943. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find and buy a tompson M1928 figurine with a disk, I’ll paint without it.