Battleship Bismarck, Flyhawk 1/700 | Model Shipwrights

j RK posted on 17 hours ago — updated on 2 seconds ago 3 views by Jorge Rivas Krause Bismarck Flyhawk 1/700

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Jorge! Congrats on being the first user (non-staff) contributed item directly uploaded to the server!


Hope it’s the first of many and may I say excellent work!


Thank you very much Jim! I’m looking forward to.


I am guessing you might have done an edit on your article. FYI when that happens (and authors are free to correct or edit their work) the article goes back into an admin queue to re-look at it and re-approve. Which I just did a few minutes ago.


Excellent model - in particular the superb rigging and PEs are impressive in that scale.

I would’ve thought this would’ve been a 1/350 build had you not mentioned scale. I’ve seen some pretty detailed builds in my time as a modeler but nothing like this.

I sincerely agree, mustang! This is a great job!