I have recently come across a reference to ‘Wainwright’, in connection with British Army training in Alberta. Am I correct in thinking that this is another training site (BATW) along with BATUS?
Also, I have photos of certain vehicles (in particular, Land Rovers) in what appears to be a sand/black paint scheme. Most vehicles sporting a two-colour scheme at BATUS show sand/green. Is it likely that the apparent ‘black’ is actually green, the tone affected by lighting conditions? Evidently, the sand/black scheme is found on vehicles training at Warminster, but I was not aware of it being used at BATUS.


CFB Wainwright is a strictly Canadian Forces base, and not used by the British for training as far as I am aware. I suppose it’s possible that the odd British unit might be invited there for joint training.
One thing to remember is that BATUS is a British base, i.e. it is essentially considered British territory and Canadian Forces have no role their nor have anyone stationed there. While there is a CFB Suffield as well, it is across the road from BATUS and is it’s own entity, and is a research establishment as opposed to a training base.

Can’t help with the colors, but I do suspect the black is actually green as I’ve never seen black camo on a BATUS vehicle. One thing to note is that many, if not all, of the vehicles stationed there in recent years like Challengers, Warrriors, FV432s, etc. were painted solid sand/tan with no camouflage.

I say were because, literally in the last two weeks or so, the British Army has begun removing all heavy equipment/armoured vehicles from BATUS and shipping them out of Canada as the UK government is reconsidering the use of BATUS in the long term. They say they are not closing it, but just changing how it’s used.

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I did a light roll exercise there in 2004, our vehicles were stored in a small compound on the base, I believe at the time 2 units a year went through their.
2nd line repairs went to Batus.
Green and sand were what the vehicles were painted in.

So, to be clear.

BATUS. British Army Training Unit Suffield.
This is commonly known as camp crowfoot and is the accommodation part for exercising troops from the UK. It has various unit stores, cookhouse and NAAFI and TES equipment is issued from there. It leads up to the dustbowl where you park your vehicle’s once you have had them issued to you from the maint area/workshops/ hangers next to the main road, the 884.

Also, in the workshop /hanger area, is the OPFOR HQ and operating base, and the Range safety hangers and Building. The wash down backs onto this area, then a road leads to the dustbowl and various routes (Rattlesnake being the main one) take you out onto the area.

Across the 884 is CFB Suffield, this is the main G1 to 9 hub for everything to do with BATUS.
It houses all BATUS permanent staff and all OPFOR troops and also houses BATUS HQ and permanent command set up, it also has the Sgts and Off mess there. The post office, cafe (gag and puke) and numerous other buildings and office are also located there.

In the training area, there is an out of bounds area which is the Canadian Mil Research area… used to be called DRES I think …This is also admin’ed from CFB.

Wainwright did have a very small contingent of British troops there in the summer months, and more would arrive in the winter months when it became the winter maint team base for 6 months for all BATUS vehicles requiring baseline repairs. It also had a small Adventure Training staff team there for BATUS permanent staff there. The maint team was a temp posting for 4 to 6 months only.

BATUS vehicles go through various colour changes at various times as per the BATUS commanders descretion… Sand, sand green etc etc …same for OPFOR vehicles.

OPFOR vehicles at Warminster battle school are sand and green, similar to BATUS but Warminster ones do not have the ZAP numbers painted on them.

Also, BATUS isn’t British territory…it’s just leased from the Canadian government with a joint understanding for training, Canadian forces use it from time to time, but it was originally leased by the UK as the only large scale area where you could life fire exercise at all arms Battleground level …

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CFB Suffield and BATUS are one and the same. Been there for training. BATUS leases the ranges of CFB Suffield.

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Ref the British territory part… Don’t be confused with the SBA’s (Sovereign Base Area) in Cyprus… Akrotiri and Dhekelia … They are classed as British territorial enclaves in a joint agreement between United Kingdom, Greece and Turkey, which still stands.

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SO; BATUS is to the British Army what NTC or JRTC are to the US Army and what 29 Palms is to the US Marine Corps.

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Pretty much …

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