BATUS closing ? Or fake news

Billings. I end up along the highline regularly, always interesting to get the “international roaming charges now apply” on my phone. Are you Canadian or American? Glad to hear you have a new journey ahead. I’ve lived, traveled and worked across a bunch of states and personally, due to my views and politics you couldn’t pay me enough to live in Texas. Not enough public land access either plus too many 'fence hunting’s for deer that come to the feeder like clockwork, not wild enough for my style of outdoor pursuits. Have several great friends there and my brother lives in a suburb of Dallas somewhere.

I’m Canadian, born and raised. My dad was born in Maine though when my grandpa was on rotation with the RCAF down there. But the work has dried up here so off I go!

I’ve been to billings a few times!

I agree with you there, from what I hear Texas has a lot of hunting “ranches” with very high fees and now enough mountains and wide open spaces

Well if your future travels ever bring you thru here for a stretch let me know. We’ll get together for a beer or two, ahh who am I kidding we won’t limit it!