Beaten tigers

Good day, i have put together 4 tigers from Grossdeutschland C11-C14 that were knocked out in early aug 44. Ive put them on rail cars after being recovered. They are not 100% accurate as references to them is sparse. Could i get some constructive critics to improve them more? Ty


I probably wouldn’t have done so much damage on them… Great idea though and they look good on the rail cars

Thanks, you are quite right ,looking back i should hav just stuck to the history of these 4 just being ambushed by Is2’s only taking a few hits instead of going for the infamous tiger that took 300+ hits and drove off the field. Im gonna keep it to a minimum with my panthers and pz4s im working on. Thank you.

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I posted several days ago but it did not post. Sorry.

Your Tigers make a nice flat car load of big cats heading to the panzer veterinarian. I like how you have one Tiger’s hull hatches closed, some fenders mangled or missing, some guns raised and one dropped, suggesting the elevation mechanisms are damaged, and the drive sprocket completely gone from one.

My constructive criticism depends on what effect you were trying to achieve. If you intended to show tough Tigers severely damaged but possibly repairable, then I think you are successful in a conceptual manner. If you intend to authentically recreate the damage, then to my eye it looks overdone and out of scale. An Is-2’s 122mm is not quiet half again as big as the 8.8 of the Tiger so I do not think the holes whole be as large. Some look well scaled though.

Here is a book that might help:

Thank you, i really appreciate all comments, i will apply a more realistic approach to my next projects that are nearing the painting stage.