Bedford MWD & M151A1 Mutt Wheels | Armorama™

DEF Model now offers new sets of resin replacement wheels for Bedford MWD (Gecko) as well as civilian and military wheel versions of Mutt (Academy/Tamiya).

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Very Nice. Finally, someone includes the upper A-arms for the front suspension. These are missing from all M151 kits. The tires look good too.


YES!! The upper A-arms have arrived! Nice to see the these components in one set.

The early-style magnesium wheels (slotted), along with appropriately-dimensioned tires look good. Everything I’ve seen previously had tires that were smaller in diameter and cross-section, lacking the kinda bulky appearance of the 7.00 x 16 tires. Very nice.

And the brake drum backing plates too! These, along with the upper A-arms, are very visible on the M151 series trucks. Looks like DEF has a winner with this set. And…I’ll probably order two sets for my unbuilt kits, maybe even additional for those already built.

Perfect timing. Now I’m actually happy the older DEF M151 sets were sold out when I tried to order them.

Even with the A-arms, I’ll still use Gino’s Detailing Article

Thanks for the plug, Eb. I hope the article is helpful.