Been Away A Long Time...Reintroduction

I used to post on the old Armorama as sgtsauer (if I remember right). I was very active there until about 2018 when my Army career got really crazy and I drifted away from the hobby a bit. I retired from the Army last year (May 2020) after 32 years. I now work in the model retail/wholesale industry here in the United States and also collect, research and write about Colt AR-15’s.


Welcome back Brent! Anxious to see some of your work, I didn’t look at your profile but wondering what your building intrests are . . .

Cajun :crocodile:

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I used to build mostly modern armor, aircraft and some ships. I haven’t built anything in about 16 months.

Welcome back!
Gee, I wish I had built something the last couple of years, 16 months sounds like an extended coffee break :wink:

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Hey sure I remember you! Welcome back! Trust me retirement from the Army means LOTS of bench time. You’ll be finishing a lot of builds to show here if you’re anything like me. Good to see you back Brent.

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Welcome back, mate!
Yes, I remember your username. Looking forward to your contributions once more.

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I remember your handle,welcome back

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I remember you from the old site! Welcome back into the fold.


Welcome back, Brent! I took a long break from the old forums, myself, but the new forum format and structure brought me back.

Also, congrats on your retirement from the “Big Green Machine”! Hopefully, the cold, harsh, 1:1 scale world will give you a break now let you get back to scale modeling!

@minuteman1636 . I thought that was you when I read your intro. Brother your skills will be a welcome addition .