Belgian Para Congo(Africa) 1964

It’s one of the figures I have made for my own collection.
sculpted in supersculpy, details in Apoxysculpt and greenstuf

It’s already some years ago and the discussion will always be the Barret and the way how I made it (position). Knowing its not the correct way, but common in a time sunglasses are not available for everyone to protect the eyes.

I always sculpt ore convert the head first, wen it’s something I am satisfied with the rest will follow


Creating the weapon between the sculpting, trying to get the right position


Working on the details




Creating of the daypack


for me the best part, painting


The figure complete




I build the figure I think 4 years ago, with the further development of my skills I will do some things different now, the hands, some details, . . . . .

Hope you like it a bit.


WOW :open_mouth: amazing skills.

Outstanding job again Jan. And excellent subject matter; something we almost never see. I was always interested in the conflicts in Africa in the 50-80s but there isn’t much out there at all in relation to modeling. Osprey does have some good books that cover it.

Fantastic! I sure do envy people who can make their own figures…

Thank you,
There is not really much out dare, maybe there is not really a market for.
I am a retired Belgian soldier, got the time and luck to have some talent to create my own figures.
They cannot compare with the commercial’s, therefor they are rear and unique covering some of my history

Not so sure I agree with you......

What great subject matter. Really like this.
Figure sculpting is a high level of skill.
Super impressive