Belgian Soldier ISAF (converted Young Bust)

Converted a US marine into a Belgian ISAF Soldier (Afghanistan, Kabul Airfield)

The victim

Left the head, the helmet, the google, the Belgian soldier ware the same in that period.

Everything else was cutting of, useful parts going into the bit box, but the most just got in to the vacuum cleaner.

Painted the head, just to have some starting point.

Img0053 Img0060 Img0061 Img0062 Img0063

As base building up the Armor, just a vest with at the vital places Kevlar in it.
Using Apoxysculpt.

ISAF-001 ISAF-002 ISAF-003 ISAF-004

Afterwards starting to build up the chest vest, At that time without protection.
It was just another layer of weight above the protection.
Using Apoxysculpt & greenstuff

ISAF-005 ISAF-006 ISAF-007

After the base I started with the different Bags on the vest.

ISAF-008 ISAF-009 ISAF-010

Creating more details

ISAF-014 ISAF-015 ISAF-016

Put some primer on it to find the failures I have done

ISAF-017 ISAF-018 ISAF-019 ISAF-020 ISAF-021 ISAF-022

Start scratching the Belgian FN MINIMI


And started to get some paint on the figure

ISAF-023 ISAF-024 ISAF-025 ISAF-026

Still working on the details between the painting.

DSC_5359 DSC_5360 DSC_5361 DSC_5363 DSC_5364 DSC_5365

I have been working and painted almost 2 months on the figure, It’s already some years ago ant with the skills I have now probably will doing things in another way. But it’s a part of my history as a soldier and hobbyist. Hope you like it a bit.

Grtx Jan


I’m amazed by your willingness to tackle all these interesting and unique subjects. I’m even more amazed by your courage to cut up Young busts… you are a brave man!

I like what you did, especially on the vest, the texture looks really good. I do have a nitpick regarding M249… I think the weapon is not in scale, the ammo drum looks really small. I know Reedees Miniatures make 1/9 scale M249:

It is a Para version and not exactly what you want, but perhaps it is a good starting point? Young busts are usually 1/10, so I’m not sure if the size difference would be a problem?


the M249 is a Belgian FN MINIMI build in license for the US and many other country’s.
I think the version of Reedees is already the 3 version as build by the US.
the weapon on the figure is the original first version and on scale, it’s possible looking a little bit oversized by the proportion to the bust. But I want to show the complete weapon.

many of the modern weapons of the US army are original designed by the Belgian FN Herstal group, but build in the US under license. M249, SCAR, M240.

Looking good. There are almost no Belgian figures out there. There was a Belgo blue helmet solder with FNC in 120mm but that was a long time ago.

Yes Jan that is the M249 in its initially issued form. I remember receiving it in Germany in ‘85 or ‘86. It’s been heavily modified since then.

I do understand this is the original Belgian MINIMI, but I still think the ammo box on your weapon is much too small. And it seems the carrying handle is oriented backwards?

Small nitpicks to a very nicely done figure.


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Point taken, no offense.
Don’t gonna start a new attempt of correcting it, it’s been already for some time in the vitrine.
Ant as I wrote, " with the skills I have now probably will doing things in another way"
Been building my next figures here on the forum I know I will getting the right response and correction doing in life time.