Belgian Special forces (converted/scratch build figures)

I started 2 years ago with the idea to create some Belgian figures from different units and different periods.

The first one is a SF operator as a observer in the middle east.

It isn’t the best sculpt I have made, but everything is a learning process.
started with the head and helmet

Img0425 Img0426 Img0427 Img0428 Img0429 Img0439 Img0440 Img0441 Img0442 Img0443

At the same time I started to scratch build the FN SCAR Heavy in scale 1/10

After working a while at the body (and starting over some times)

Img0461 Img0462 Img0463 Img0464

I decided to take a shortcut and use the torso of a Young bust, instead of fighting with proportions and details, I had to change some minor things to the gear and the uniform to become a figure of a Belgian SF

To be continued


Very very cool. Fantastic skill and details

Painted the head, still working on minor details

Creating the weapon belt from lead foil and small parts Styrene.

painting the SCAR and the belt

Start painting the uniform and gear


Great scratch-building Jan!

Fantastic !!!

Thank you
Adding a small daypack on the back, creating more details in lead foil and wire.
Making the antenna of a Tamram radio, recognition panel

the colours I used for the uniform

And the photo’s of the finished bust.

Grtx Jan


Another amazing figure Jan… Superb :+1:

This is amazing work Jan! And great painting too

That work is a real credit to you Jan- a fantastic achievement.

And you consider this not the best sculpting you have made, I guess you are right, it is almost rubbish :rofl:

Beautiful! Such detail… the colors…