Belgium IPMS Plastic & Steel 1-2 Oct 22

Takes place this coming weekend folks; location Affligem, a town just short of Brussels (if one is travelling east like me). Cracking show and we - that is my mate and I within the guise of Stonehenge Modellers - haven’t been for a couple of pandemic-stricken years so we’re looking very forward to it.

I undertook a dress rehearsal this am - and sadly you’ll recognise some same old, same old; to my shame I haven’t built very much at all in the interim though am pushed to explain why:

Details for those unaware who, if continent-based are now considering it (or even some last minute dot-com energetic Brits) are at:

Anyway, we’re off tomorrow, staying in Aalst - a delightful nearby town - and what the Royal Marines or the Royal Navy would refer to, I’m sure, as a “Good run ashore”!

I’ll report back in due course.


everything looks awesome, wish you luck on the convention. :smiley:

Well, thank you very much!

Enjoy the show, Brian! Good to hear that you’re not going as a visitor but as an exhibitor. No show without them. I’ll be on a show near Munich this weekend. My last one for this year, 5 in total. Not bad for the first year after everything was shut down for 2 years … :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have attached a link to my modelling mate’s Blog (Pete Smith) who has provided a very comprehensive report; in it he also mentions another modelling friend and great mate, Paul Badman – who in turn, runs the Modellers’ Haven Online site. I am sure, that in due course, he too will publish a pictorial report, should anyone wish to pursue it. (Google will find it easy enough for you).

So, here is Pete Smiths’ report – as our late monarch said, “Recollections may vary” (!) – but we did indeed have a cracking time:

Pete’s Model World : IPMS Belgium Plastic & Steel Show 2nd & 3rd October (

My acquisitions were these:

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Yes those are great looking models there Brian.
Love your acquisitions too. That VT 12 looks a bit bizarre very cool !

I’m afraid the VT 1-2 was sheer opportunism - it ties in with nothing in my build stream, but I just couldn’t resist it, ditto the 1:35 Fuehrer figure(!)

But boy! Did I come away enthused - just what was needed after such a show famine as we’ve all endured!

I hear ya Brian, I’ve been lucky enough to attend two shows this year (both on Long Island) for the first time in two years as well. I was supposed to go to the show in Washington DC this past weekend but bowed out a few days before unfortunately.
The shows always inspire me too after seeing the amazing work. Then a few days after, reality sets in and work and family take up most of my time !
Btw, is Euro militaire still held in England? Always looked forward to military modeler magazine’s show report. I know the mag is gone and I definitely miss it.

Hi Richard, I must admit that it was a mix of the modelling and the social (where upon of course we talked nothing much but more modelling!) and the environment in Aalst was just perfect; lethally alcoholic Belgian beers, and outstanding food, so each evening we could rave about what we’d seen at the event, and what our plans were. Of course, I take your point about real life inevitably getting int he way, but the experience after 2 miserable years of hardly any shows whatsoever was exhilarating. Whether I can maintain any plans in the short term will remain a moot point!

Euromilitaire long gone I’m afraid – or as far as I know.