Bending photo etch box

I am working on a model of a Archer TD and need to bend some photo etch into a box shape. Here is where I am at.

And here is the end goal.

The two ends were easy. The issue I am running into now is with the sides, I have them bent to approximately a 45 degree angle but the ends are now running to the photo etch bending tool. How would you complete this side bends on this piece? I thought about maybe using a steel ruler clamped to the bench now that I have the bends started but I’ll run into the same issue with this.

You should be able to loosen off the retaining handle and spin the top plate around 90 degrees so that you can use the shorter “fingers” (circled yellow).

That way the ends of the box can fold down at 90 degrees to the bed of the tool either side of the finger.

Cheers, D

I thought about this but worried it wouldn’t bend well along the entire length of the bend. Thanks for confirming this is the right way to go

It might take some fiddling around but use the widest finger that fits between the ends and do it in several stages to get a nice even fold.

Cheers, D

Tried it out and worked like a charm. Pretty much at 90 now, will take a bit of fiddling, and might have to anneal to get it to stay at 90 as right now it wants to spring back to about an 80 degree angle but much closer than I was. Thanks!

I was worried the short finger would cause a nasty uneven bend but it worked really well

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Good day Mead, I am also building one. The Tamiya version and using Eduardo photo etch.
I folded the box frame and it is ready to put on the upper hull. My question for you is what was put in this box.
I have researched a lot of sites but can find out what it would have contained. Do you have any ideas?
Cheers Dennis

I am fairly certain it was a wooden block for the jack, a lot of photos I find of them have this box empty. Bronco provides this rectangular piece to go inside

Thanks for the tip @AussieReg here she is all folded

Just need to glue the joints


If you put flux in the joint, heat it up, and hit it with thin solder you’ll be very pleased with the results.

I don’t have a soldiering iron, but an increasingly large number of my stash kits have PE so I’m very tempted to go pick one up.

Just my luck solder irons are 50% off this week at a local store


How fortuitous!

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Got it soldered, I have a lot to learn about soldering, I made a bit of a mess with too much solder, was able to clean it up with some sanding and filing. But lost a tiny bit of detail. The inside solder joints are a bit messy but the box that goes in covers them up, thankfully on a lot of archer photos I look at this box is a bit sloppy looking and bent anyway.


Glad you tackled it. Once you get the hang of it life is much easier. Best tip: let the part heat up and touch the solder to the part. The flux will draw it right in nice and thin.