Bergepanzer 2 of the Dutch Army

Following the tread I started on the “old” forum, I will continue here.

Link to the previous topic:
Bergepanzer 2 old forum

Shortly I will try to post some pictures here.

Until than I am looking for some reference pictures of the interior. Does anybody have some suggestion ?

Thanks in advance,

Some interior pics


The hull with some first parts of the PSM Dutch conversion set.

You could have a look at the Leopard 1 trilogy volume dedicated to the special purpose variants. I’m pretty sure you’ll have pictures and drawings.


I have that set too…

You should consider buying this booklet for reference which contains a range of interior pictures as well as a lot outside details, even when it is tne Belgian version. There should only be detail differences between the different countries vehicles.


Thanks for the advise !

@Oliver; which trilogy do you mean ?
@Andreas; I guess that’s a good suggestion.

While adding more details today I can to the aerials and than I noticed that the Leopard Workshop has different aerial types. Anybody has an idea which would be the right version for a Dutch Bergepanzer 2 ?

Thanks in advance

I thínk he means this one :slight_smile:

Erwin beat me :wink:


Got it since I helped the author with getting a TM of the Dutch version.

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Looks like an interesting set of books :grin: but unfortunately I cannot find them.

If did receive today the Tankograd Kampfpanzer LeOpard 2 International book :innocent:
Thanks for the advise Andreas :smile:

Do you have enough info, or should I try and see if I can find it in the aforementioned books?


I still do not have any pics of the interior.
So if you have any pics of the interior, those would be very welcome.

Also a clear detail picture of the front, the rear and the deck under the folded crane would be welcome :wink:

Thanks in advance

NB I did order the book as advised of the Belgian version :innocent:

The books are still available at the publisher :
I’ll try to scan the relevant pages this afternoon…

You’ve got a PM :wink:

For those interested, I got the book on the Belgian Bergepanzer yesterday and it has some excellent pictures of the interior next to a lot of external pictures !

If someone is building the interior also, I can highly recommend this book.
You only have to take check which version you are building because the pics of the Belgian version include details after an upgrade not applicable if you build a version that was not upgraded.

BTW; if somebody has some good external reference pics of the Dutch version, I would be very interested.

still looking for exterior pictures?

Hi Henk.

Yes, especially some pics for the sides, front and under the stowed crane would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance