Beriev Be-6 AMODEL 1/144

So as i started to work on the Amodel C-8 i realised how easy that project looks, so i decided to start the Beriev Be-6 aswell. Will be interesting to do two builds at the same time.


I started with the fuselage, this one look actualy easier than the C-8. THe fuselage is in two parts only and the fit is better. Also there are no windows.


Will be following Jacob, should be interesting :smile:

So far there are no issues. This kit has far better fit than the C-8.


Made som progress on this. Im keeping it simple, because the kit is realy small and its just a sideproject right now. Fit is not great and a lot of putty wss used so far. Panel lines are fine but are missing on some parts.


I need to clear out the workbench, so Im pushing the Beriev as fast as possible. Decals were very bad on this kit and I used only the yellow numbers. All the stars are from an MA set.


Excellent work jacob. Like the paintwork :smile:

A dash to the finish. I know the model has probably a hundred things that could be done better, the colours I chose for one can probably be discussed (more greish and less blueish). But this is as much time I can invest right now. And one of the reasons is on the last picture - the bigger brother Beriev Be-12 in 1/72 which is also a much complex and frankly better kit.


Looks pretty damned good from the images Jacob, nice job :smile:

Amazing work in that scale. A beautiful looking model.