Berlin Wall First Post and Photos in new Forum

This is my take on the Berlin Wall. I used two of the AFV Club kits, with additional decals by Dave’s Decals. I tried to make it look like it did in the late 1980s, just before the end. The paint is Tamiya primer, two greys and the white, out of the spray can. Then a couple coats of clear, again out of the can, for the decals. The decals all worked great, snuggled into the concrete texture with a little Micro-Sol.


That looks great! Love the graffiti!

Some more photos

I posed an M60A1 tank in front show how it looked back in the day.


Awesome :star_struck:…you done the texture?..

The decals snugged down perfectly. Looks like you spray painted them yourself. The concrete color looks good as well.

As a Berlin vet, I love it. The graffiti looks great!
One small thing - I think I detect cammo on the tank. Berlin’s 40th Armor tanks were overall green, as were all of the Berlin Brigade’s vehicles.

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Very nice ! Graffiti looks great! More pics of the tank please lol

Nice result.
I’ve been tempted to try a cross-section through the full border, but the size is somewhat off-putting…

The AFV Club kit has the texture molded in!

Yes, the tank is in standard MERDEC camo. Its my tank from 2/64 AR, Schweinfurt in 1981.I never actually got to go to Berlin.

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I actually did a full write-up of this tank some years ago, on the old site. I’ll see if I can add some photos to this new one.

Well done Ken - very evocative; I’ve been working - at my usual glacial pace - on the other side of the Wall - a small vignette. This has now encouraged me to a move on.

'Love this.

Wow- fantastic work on this Ken. You have done superb work with those decals- they really look sprayed on.

The decals are all high quality and went on like a dream. All I did was add some Micro Sol.

Dude, you missed out. It was such a great place to be that I worked there after I ETS’ed. I did get to “Test the West” once in a while since I was on the the Berlin wrestling team. And did the Chicken of course - authorized ONE liter of that Kreuzberg beer every day.

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wow, great job, it’s amazing