Best 1:32 scale F-4 Phantom Kit?

What is the best 1:32 scale kit for a F-4 Phantom ?
I’d like to build a version from the Vietnam War .

I believe your only options are Revell and Tamiya in 1/32.

Revell does a USN/USMC F-4J, and two USAF options; an F-4E and F-4G. They are all soft on most details and devoid on many others. I would not recommend them.

Tamiya’s are very good.

You have two options for USAF birds with Tamiya.

And a US Navy/USMC option.

Therea are lots of AM for them as well.


Which version?
Tamiya do the Air Force C,D, E and Navy J.
Academy do an E.
I think someone else has done one recently, but I can’t remember who or which variant.

As to which is best, I wouldn’t like to guess. I only have one at 1/32, the Revell G and that’s later than you want.

Edit: I’m pretty sure Academy’s is the Revell reboxed. And I’m thinking of the brand new Meng and Zouki Mura 1/48’s.
As HeavyArty says, Tamiya is the only game in town for 1/32. But that’s not a bad thing.

Yup, Academy’s F-4s are reboxed/rebranded Revell kits with new decals. Stick with Tamiya.

They do a USAF F-4E and a ROKAF (South Korean) F4-E, both the same Revell plastic w/new decals.

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I thought it was. The 17thFW boxing looks interesting, did they tool the AGM-142?

I did notice the Revell USA and Germany boxing’s were very different with arms and decals too. The USA boxing had HARM’s with Gulf War markings and the Germany had Standard and Shrike and SEAC or Euro 1 cammo.

Apparently, the Academy F-4E boxings have an added small sprue (Z) with TIESO, ARN-101 antenna, and a few other bits. It is believed the sprue was originally added in the Academy ROKAF F-4E a few years ago, and is still in the USAF F-4E.

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For the ROKAF boxing, they added the sprues containing the AGM-142s from the F-16I Sufa kit. As well as the new sprue with TISEO (unfortunately, no clear lens), ARN-101, and short gun muzzle. That new sprue is still in the “Vietnam” boxing, which is a bit of a misnomer, because it has multiple decal options, including post -Vietnam USAF, and Japanese F-4EJs.

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For Vietnam conflict, any of the tamiya’s F-4C/D/J/E will do but they will require some work to make them accurate.

For starters, all of them have several raised panels that will require to be sanded down and the panel lines rescribed.

Can you build it with these left as is? Sure, it can but they are very noticeable once you are aware of them.

Also, all of them will require work on the intakes area. There are seamless resin intake to make things easy or you can go with FOD covers.

If you want to model a late F-4E then Tamiya F-4E will require additional resin slat conversion set. Also, the exhaust nozzles are small in diameter and well noticed once installed.

Now, Revell F-4E is well worth a shot. It has its faults but it can give Tamiya F-4E run for its money.

Revell F-4E will require resin intakes and TiSRO. It will also need to better Ejection Seats and they will need to raised up 3 to 5 mm as the cockpit floor is low or find you a resin cockpit. Another small bit, resin nose as the nose cone of off. Other than that, this thing is good.


I would agree about the Revell kit.

If one wants to do an OOB build the Tamiya kit is a better option. But if you want to do a build with aftermarket stuff the Revell kit provides a better starting point, IF one wants to spend the extra money on aftermarket stuff like intakes, exhausts, cockpit, other details like pitot tube, angle of attack sensor, wheels etc.

Both kits look good once finished, even out of the box, so it all depends on what one wants to do with their time and money.

On Vietnam era Phantoms, as previously mentioned, if someone wants to do a Navy/Marines aircraft Tamiya is the only option. The same goes for an Air Force C/D.

For an ealy E there is the Tamiya and the Revell/Academy. The Academy kit includes lots of nice decal options. The extra sprue also includes the cameras that are installed just aft of the front sparrow wells near the wind base, as seen in the photo bellow. I think Tamiya also includes them in one of their kits.

There are tweak lists for the 1/32 kits published at the LargeScalePlanes database that provide a huge ammount of details and corrections. Venture there at your own risk… :upside_down_face:

I have the Academy kit if anyone wants photos of particular details.

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Nikos, do you have any of your 1/32 jet on Large Scale Planes? I know you shared here one of your 1/32 F-4 but love to see more.

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No I have not shared most of my 1/32 jet builds (main reason is that they are commission work, so the standards vary). I am currently working on a F-104G and a F-4J that will be posted here once done. Thank you for your kind words.

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I understand what you mean but I will sure to keep an eye out for your F-104G & F-4J. I have a F-4 and F-104A/C but I need to get back to my F-15I first.

Found this in the stash , don’t even remember when I bought it .


That’s ok and we forgive ya. Now, get busy building :rofl:

I have a F-4EJ Phantom in the SWS ( super wing series) they also have a number of F-4 Vietnam era mods. It’s an impressive kit as well.( But that’s just my opinion.) But it does give you another option.

That’s the 1/48 Zoukei Mara kit, isn’t it?

You are correct. I know that you’re looking for a 32 scale mod though. But I thought I would mention it anyway. Just my 2 cents LOL BTW I have one and I’m getting ready to build it this summer.

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Trying to find the F-4 S in the ZM .

You are right Dagger the ZM kits are nice to build . I’ve built 7 of their kits so far and have 5 on the taxi runway waiting to be built . The instructions are awesome , but you do have to pay close attention while building .

Thanks, I’m looking forward to building mine this summer, I’ve always been a fan of the F-4 since I started building models back in the 70s. I built one back then. But probably didn’t do as good of a job of it back then. Right now I have a 1/32 Revell Hawker Hunter FGA-9, I’m trying to finish. moving on to a B-17G ( Revell) kit after that. I also have a Kitty Hawk 1/48 Super Entedar to build this year. That one should be really challenging.