Best 1/48 F-22 kit?

Title says it all. What’s the best Raptor kit out there preferably in 1/48 scale?

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Hasegawa, from what I’ve heard. Academy has some misshapen nose issues. The only downside of the Hasegawa is the rather aggressive RAM tape detail.

I have that kit and the Big Ed detail set…looking forward to it. It’ll build up into a really nice model.

And it’s a BIG jet!

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in my book, the Hasegawa has to be avoided at all cost. The raised panel lines, that in real life do not exist, make it a joke.

I would go for the Academy

You have some choices: Academy, Hasegawa, I Love Kit, Italeri (also boxed by Revell).

Hasegawa and Academy comparison was discussed on other forums not too long ago, for example,

ARC: Hasegawa 1/48 F-22A Raptor vs Academy F-22A Raptor - Jet Modeling - ARC Discussion Forums

Both kits have issues that may or may not matter to you. Modelers who have built the kits often disagree which is the better kit and tend to have a personal favorite for different reasons.

I Love Kit and Italeri also produce a 1/48 Raptor.

Which kit best meets your desires may come down to which issue you bothers you the least and how big your F-22 budget is.

Hasegawa " Blue Nose " . The Ram’s are thick and will need work to thin them down .

@Model_Monkey is right…everyone will have an opinion.

For me, the nose and tail of the 1/48 Academy kit are noticeably wrong, which is why I prefer the Hasegawa. And honestly unless you put a really dark wash on the RAM panels, you’ll be fine. Again, in my opinion, modelers make too big a deal about the panels on these stealth jets. There are a million other things keeping our creations from being mistaken for the real thing. :slightly_smiling_face: This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

But if you absolutely hate raised RAM panels, then get the Academy 1/72 Raptor. They corrected the shape issues and the panels aren’t raised.

I have the academy 1/72 and Hasegawa 1/48 and would be happy to dig them out for pictures if you need it.

I appreciate that but you don’t have to go through the trouble.
I guess I’m leaning towards the Hasegawa kit as I’m having trouble finding the Academy kit at a reasonable price.
So the I Love Kit offering is definitely a no go?

They’re easily accessible so it’s no big deal if you need it. Just message me.

I don’t know anything about the I Love Kit offering, unfortunately.

Hasegawa is beautifully engineered,fits like a dream.

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I agree with that for sure. I didn’t expect to find that level of engineering outside Tamiya.

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It may be. Just a pity they ruined it with the raised panels that would have been much better with stencils. And worst of all they seem to have started a trend followed by other manufacturers

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