Best 1/48 For Flying Tigers?

Which kit would be best for these aircraft? Thanks.

My money would be on the new tool Airfix kit.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

They didn’t just fly P40b’s, but also flew P40e’s (probably other marks as well). The Airfix kit has it’s own set of problems that are near impossible to fix. Several companies have done the P40e.

The AVG originally flew a version of the P-40 that was something of transition hybrid, having some, but not all features of both the B and C models. They were just starting to receive P-40Es as replacements for combat losses when the AVG was disbanded and absorbed into the USAAF in summer 1942, becoming the 23rd Fighter Group. The 23rd flew various later versions of the P-40 before receiving P-51s.

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It’s a decent kit, I had it. The main problem I noticed was the skinny prop and a few sink marks. Aftermarket can fix the anemic prop, I built the old Monogram ancient relic from the 1960s when it was new, it is accurate in outline but very spartan and needs a lot of help in the cockpit. This Airfix 1/48 kit far surpasses it. I would buy it again with no hesitation.

I built the monogram kit a couple years ago. i added a resin cockpit, did a lot of filling at the wing roots and sanding around where the nose glues on to the body. actually i enjoyed the build but i do have the arfix kit for my next AVG. BTW don’t forget if you order a resin cockpit the seat should only have lap belts, the p 40 B,C’s did not have shoulder harnesses so sand them off. many aftermarket make the same mistake

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