Best 35th Final Version StuG IIIG

Seems like there are multiple options out there. I’ve been away from armor modeling for a few years but always had a softspot for the last of the Stug (or StuH) III’s. Any suggestions? Price really isn’t an object, just want a highly detailed kit that captures all the features of the final version StuG.

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Do you want an interior? That criterion cuts the field in half.


Full interior is in the “nice to have but not critical” category. Really more concerned with accuracy.

Recently I pulled an old Panzer IV by Dragon from the back of the stash.
Now that I’m old I had to use an Optivisor for the whole build. The “Opti” revealed a level of detail I hadn’t noticed in past builds of Dragon kits.
Confusing instructions and mis-idendified parts and a high parts count aside it built up really nice.
If you could find a Dragon StuG III that’s what I’d build based on my recent PzIV.
I’m willing to bet there are a lot of shared parts from the 2 kits.
Good luck and have fun what ever you build !

A thought, check out “Scalemates”. They’ll help you zero in on your StuG kit

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Search YouTube for Panzermeister36 and Adam Mann videos. They have both done reviews/builds of numerous Stug kits.

Just search either name with ‘stug’ at the end and all the related vids should pop up. And then visit their full sites for the other good stuff they do.


If cost is not an issue I would recommend the StuGs by RFM or Border Models, the casting is absolutely superior and
they come together like a charm.

Dragon and Tamiya StuG IIIs are not of the same quality any more, sorry to say.

MiniArt makes a whole range of different StuG IIIs as well, but I’m not very fond of the plastic they use.

Takom StuG IIIs are in my opinion too “simple”, and seem to have been made for a “quick-build”… not as enjoyable to build…

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