Best Brass finish?

A question for the community: Who makes the best metallic Brass paint for artillery shell casings? I’ve tried several brands and have yet to be satisfied with the finish. It usually comes out grainy (IMHO).
And I’m nervous about pushing some of them through my airbrush - I usually stick to acrylics…

I don’t want to always surrender and buy real brass casings - they’re expensive!

Or is there some technique I should be trying?
Rub-n-Buff perhaps?

Thanks, Ralph

I’ve seen lots of people rave about Vallejo brass. I have it and I’m with you in not being completely satisfied.

I recently grabbed some Mig AMMO metallics. I’ve got new and old brass as well as matte aluminum. I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to play with the brass yet other than some small MG ammo belts, but I’ve been using the matte aluminum for a while and I really like it. It brushes very nicely and seems to have a very fine pigment texture so it doesn’t come off as grainy.

I only brush with them though, so I don’t know what they’ll do in an airbrush.

Vallejo brass hands down is the best I’ve used.

One thing I found key is to prime and to paint in 3-4 light coats almost translucent


I build a lot of artillery and therefore a lot of ammo. AK Extreme metals has the best brass that you can airbrush. It is an enamel and goes on very nice. They have two shades of brass. I use both for my ammo. For brush painting of brass handwheels and fittings I use Vallego brass and then highlight it with AK True Metals brass wax applied with a cotton swab. That combo works really well for the small bits.

If all I have is either resin or plastic casings, I first paint them with a good acrylic matte black (I prefer Citadel because it leaves a smooth finish), then dip them in Alclad brass and let them drip off excess - don’t brush! Shake the Alclad well first. Repeat to taste!
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Thanks for the advice. I’ll try several of those, to see which I have the best luck with…

Alclad for natural metal finish on aircraft, black gloss lacquer first then very light coat of Alclad metal lacquer, almost invisible. Done it three times and worked well. Mixed copper in once for jet heat effectalso worked ok