Best Fitting Kits

Tiger models also puts out some really nice kits. both of the kits I built fit together really well.

I liked the Zvezda T-90A it was a fun kit and looked great built until you put it next to other t-72/90s. It looks over scale to me.

Thanks everyone.

Interesting thread.

Two years later, any other best fitting kits come to mind?

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IMHO the 45 + year-old Testors/Italeri M47 still stands the test of time as one of the best fitting kits. I’ve built a dozen over time and still have 5 in the stash, 3 currently in the completed stable, and one shelf queen. Aftermarket is catching up to this kit as well. You can find a metal barrel, Friul metal tracks, photo etch, mantlet cover, and decals, for at least 2 to 3 dozen operators. It is a ‘handsome/majestic’ kit when completed.


My favorite model of the last year was a Hobby Boss (former TriStar) Panzer 38(t) Ausf. B. Even the individual link tracks were fine. It was a near painless model.


I’ve only just caught up with this; I’ve sadly, become used to working with OOP kits or those that range to the esoteric regarding manufacturers, with all the struggles that such kits dictate, but I must say that in addition to Tamiya’s superlative fit within their kits, my recent efforts building the Takom M103 were a revelation; I almost didn’t need glue! Simply a joy.


I’d forgotten about this one; you’re absolutely right - a great kit.


RFM’s KV1 1942 provef an outstanding model kit. It was a joy to build.


FLAWLESS FITS - No putty required.
Meng Rolls Royce armored car.
Tamiya Jagdpanzer IV L70A.
Magic Factory M2A4.
Takom M31.
Zvezda WC-52.


I’ve never considered HobbyBoss kits…always considering them Tamiya ‘light’. Might have to rethink them.

The three built M47’s in my stable. Great fitting 1/35 kits.

Jordanian Six Day War, Friul tracks, DEF Models mantlet cover, Passion Models .30 cal brass hull machine gun, Eduard PE.

This Portuguese M47 has the Aber metal barrel, the DEF Models mantlet cover, plus some of the other goodies already mentioned.

Somalia M47, knocked out in 1993 by Amercian forces (oh the irony). Rain channels and brass rod for grab handles, added to turret, foundry markings to the hull, then some typical aforementioned goodies

I have the Meng RR and the Tamiya Jagdpanzer IV L70…telling me to put post it notes in the kit to indicate flawless builds. Thanx for the tips.

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@vettejack In general, Hobby Boss models are very hit and miss because they tend to be simplified. However, Hobby Boss also has some or all of the old TriStar molds. In my experience, TriStar models are still quite good by modern standards. The one issue you may run into is that those molds are getting old. There were small amounts of flash and old mold weirdness on the Panzer 38(t) I built.

Your M47s are really nice! Definitely envious. Italeri’s M47 was the first ‘adult’ model I ever built and the M47 remains my favorite tank to this day.

@SSGToms That is fantastic. A bunch of those models are on my want list. Now above the Takom Saint Chamond. That was a joke. But not really.

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Have the WC-52 coming in the mail, should be a fun kit to build :smiley: