Best individual track links for Late Tiger 1 1/35 thanks for any help

Your opinions are much appreciated thank you

There are white metal,resin,plastic,3D printed,Magic Tracks,all have their advantages and disadvantages.It also depends on their availability and your budget.

Me,I always liked metal,their weight and sag look good,I have also used resin with pins,not bad.

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I use BNA Model World in Australia as my source for metal tracks. They are less expensive and ship faster than other sources. I emailed them and asked about tracks since Fruil Model went away. They listed different brands. Check them out! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what’s available. Good luck!


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I like the R- Model tracks. They have machined brass track pins. No more expensive than Fruils and are nicer imho.


For metal indy link tracks, I’m partial to Spade Ace and have found that Hobby Easy is a reliable source. (Make a bulk order with a couple of modeling friends and you can the pro-rated shipping costs down to almost nothing.)

However, I’ve also had very good experiences with Master Club tracks, both the metal and cast resin. They’re a little harder to source, but they still offer some types of tracks that are not available in every brand’s catalog.

Fruil tracks can be hit or miss with regard to quality. I’ve gotten sets that were nearly useless because of mold-shift, flash, or flash-filled track pin holes (requiring much clean up, drilling out large percentages of the holes, track runs that wouldn’t assemble in straight lines, etc.). I attribute this to worn out / over-used molds, but still, at their price-point, this is pretty much unacceptable. I will only buy Fruils anymore if they are the ONLY available option.

AFV Club and Trumpeter actually sell some pretty good injection molded link-to-link track sets and they are generally very inexpensive compared to the metal or resin sets. Availability is also pretty good.

If you see any The Show Modeling injection molded track sets at some model show vendor table, if the price is right, they’re always worth picking up just on speculation. Check to be sure that the set is complete, though, and don’t over-pay for an incomplete set. (Kind of hard to do sometimes since “complete” usually means the right number of sprues, but if you see any sprues with nipped off parts, only pay the “get it off my table” price.)

In the end, sometimes it all just comes down to what you can find and get in a reasonable time.

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Tankraft is a good option:

Leaning towards AFV since they are cheap

My Tiger I Mid has SanXin metal tracks. Much better looking than the R-Model since they’re made of a sturdier metal.

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