Best Jagdpanther G1 G2 book

Thanks I wanted to see the differences such as Doyle’s Tiger II book

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Spielberger, Doyle and Jentz’s Heavy Jagdpanzer, Schiffer Publishing, has 49 pages dedicated to the Jagdpanther, including month to month design change documentation, scale drawings by Doyle, and numerous photos, including interior shots. Also covers Ferdinand/Elefant and Jagdtiger development, production and operations.

There’s also this;

Thank you I found s as d bought the book in E Bay for $40 which is a steal.

Well I think it’s a steal

You may like Dennis Oliver’s “Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer, German Army and Waffen SS, Western Europe 1944-1945”, Tankcraft 8. It’s only 64 pages, but deals solely with the Jagdpanther, covering detail changes during manufacture etc. It also lists all the kits available in all scales and AM parts for same. There is a colour section with profiles and examples of builds by “stars”. Cover price is $22.95 in the States (£14.99 here), but I’m sure you can get it cheaper on Amazon. I’ve got several of his titles and in fact I’m using one of the others for a scheme for a Panther G at the moment.

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I’d highly recommend the Panzer Tracts No.9-3 Jagdpanther by Jentz/Doyle.

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Thank you, but I’m going with option one since I have both the JAG panther and Jag tiger

One more vote for Panzer Tracts 9-3, which includes a comprehensive list of changes and detailed drawings on both versions (and more).