Best M110 Kit

Trying to get a group opinion on what the best M110 kit is. I might be doing a commission build and I want to be able to do a quality build and would greatly appreciate any and all opinions on the best kit for this subject.

You only have two options. The old Italeri/Testors ones, or the new AFV Club ones.

AFV Club’s are light years better than the Testors/Italeri dogs.


That’s what I thought can you build a US version of the ROCA A2 kit?

Yes, just leave off the ROC decals. Other than that, they are the same.

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Agreed with Gino. I built the Italeri kit a number of years ago and substituted a metal 175mm rifle to make an M107. Tracks made me crazy so I substituted Spade Ace tracks. Overall, it looked like the subject.

Late last year I made the AFV Club M110 and found it to be light years ahead of the first kit. It also meant a lot more work due to the detail present. Just the hydraulic lines alone servicing the gun mount are fantastic bits of plastic. Now I need to grab the M110A2 to do a “welcome to Camp Roberts” scene in California. Two A2s flank the Camp Roberts sign off Highway 101; one is being moved soon to the new NG HQ building in Sacramento.

Great thanks for the info. Luckly the person who wants me to build this for them asked me what kit I recommend so I want to make sure I’m not tempted to launch it into a wall for hull integrity testing.

Yup, I still have an Italeri kit, M110A2 metal barrel, Spade Ace tracks, 3D printed interior, Star decals, etc., etc… I will still build it but would get the AFV Club one if I was starting from scratch.

I had the Italeri M110 in-process when AFV Club released their M110. I was 118 hours deep and $200 of aftermarket into the Italeri kit. The driver’s compartment, hull, gun, and recoil mechanism were done. “All I had to do” was scratch a new loader/rammer, replace all of the hydraulics, and add the missing intercom system with its cabling. Instead, I picked up the AFV Club kit and have it built and primed in 88 hours with no aftermarket. The AFV Club kit is superb. The hydraulics are exquisitely molded and they look outstanding when assembled.

I think I’m going to turn the Italeri hull into an M578 using the Hobby-Link 3D printed conversion set.


You may be on to something there. Sounds like the way to go.

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Ok so to throw a curve ball into the mix is there a good 1/72 scale kit?

AFAIK these are the only game in town now (I guess the Armo ones are OOP)…


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I happen to have an M110a2 parked about a half hour south of me, so if anybody wants pics let me know. Can’t get in there right now as the place is a mud hole, but it will dry out soon.

Some one commented about the hydraulic lines on the side of the trunion. They are stainless steel, and the paint flakes off them all the time due to the massive pressures they carry. (the entire barrel weight). I plan on doing two or four. A converted M110 to a 175 gun, and the other way around. Plus a strait M110 and a strait 175 gun (when the kit comes out). I doubt I’ll build the M110a2 as I just have little interest in it.

I hope AFV Club makes the M110 family with Winterization kit…


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You guys are killing me! I was Bn XO of 4/20 FA, one of the last USAR Field Artillery units before all the Combat arms not AC units were allocated to the guard. We had M110A2s and I’ve had a couple of Italeri kits in my stash meaning to build a pair. I’ve still got two builds on the schedule ahead of any other project including this one and NOW you’ve convinced me that I should forego those two Italeri kits completely and go with the AFV.


Well Tom, I too have a few Italeri kits - M110 and M107; but you know what? I’ll do my best and try and bring them up to spec. I doubt I’ll ever get every piece of hydraulics or whatever cabling/wiring there is right but I’ll give it a go.

It will help as I plan to show the M107 deploying thus - or similar:

M107 (1)

Cam nets - the Cold War modellers’ friend!

This book - recently acquired - will help too. I’m sure you’re probably more than aware of it:


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My problem is that given my automotive engineering background I like to make vehicles as “anatomically correct” as I can see in photographs, WITH working details. It’s a sickness, I know, and I was in a 12 step program, but they kicked me out when I asked if I could use custom decals.

I have several more projects on the workbench ahead of this (including the MASSIVE repainting effort on my M88A1 due to my complete botch job of placing all three of the NATO colors collectively in the WRONG areas due to my following the Squadron book color chart instead of the actual Reg!), so who knows when I’ll get to this, but my inclination is to just go ahead and buy the AFV kits, and find my Italeri kits and the A/M stuff that would go with them, a good home.

BTW, does anyone know when the M110A2 ROC kit will actually be available?

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My unbuilt Italeri M110’s were donated to the Seattle IPMS raffle & model sale.

I’ll be happy to help with plumbing photos from my walk around - for nothing of course.
Remember, the best builds start with the best references!

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