"Best" MiG-21 MF

Inherited a couple MiG kits. Am looking for an MF to round out the fleet. Only two readily available (and not the price of a 1/1 scale one) are the Academy and the Trumpy. Neither have real rave reviews. Which would be the lesser of two evils?

If your talking about 1/48th then you can’t go far wrong with the Eduard kit.
Never built the Academy or Trumpeter kits, but I would go personally for the Trumpeter kit as its a newer tooling out of the two.
Andy :slight_smile:

I agree with Andy, I would encourage you if possible to go for the Eduard MiG 21MF. I have built the Academy quarter scale MiG 21 and its really not that bad. But the kit is really a PF at heart and some elements of it wont accurately portray the MF. No idea what the Trumpeter kit is like.

Was leaning towards them but (A) Scarce as Muslim swineheards, it seems. and (B) ones I have found are as much as a real one. Gonna be a month or so before I get it , might be a deal pop up by then, but … Just in case. Curious too … how big a difference between a 21MFN and a Warsaw Pact one? I know thw N is NATO compatable, but besides avionics and weapons integration are there any external / visible differences?

There is an Eduard group build the second half of this year. Just sayin’.

Looks like a couple of versions of the 1/48 MF are available at some of your favorite online vendors in the States. $35ish for the weekend version, $50ish for the full-on detail kit.

Checked Sprue Bros. Link on Scalemates shows availible but their site is “out of stock”. KitLinks shows them but past dealings with them … I’d not piss in their mouth if their teeth were on fire. Even my Canadian hombres , look to be out. I’d lean towrds the weekend ones. My eyes aren’t good enough for copious PE. Sw a couple places out of Japan that want $150 + shipping . Guess the effects of Hiroshima/ Nagasaki are still being felt.

The MFN is the Czech Air Force designation for MiG-21MF, and asides from avionics there isn’t any differences.
Andy :slight_smile: