Best oil paints for fine detail on/in armor vehicles

Or not oil… but still good on a brush.

Exactly what do you mean by fine details. If you mean tools I like to use Vallejo as I think they brush nicely. For clear headlights I use a chrome pen. Clear red for rear lights, usually Tamiya. For periscopes/optics clear green over black up to vehicles in the 90’s or so. After that colors vary due to the anti-lasing effect. I’m sure others will have their own preference.

I’m thinking of things like plumbing (oil and fuel), electric installations, engine parts, magneto covers, seat covers, fire suppression gear, instrument faces, radio gear & etc.

Easily cleaned when the brush slips. Slow drying.

I’ve found Vallejo to be fine with an airbrush; not so good with a handbrush. But then I’ve only been at this since last April.

I would think any oil paint properly thinned and a good brush should work. I haven’t used oils in a while (acrylics painter) but I haven’t noticed much difference for general painting between oils when I do use them (mostly washes and drybrushing). I wonder how well oils will cover over just primer vs an acrylic base. I am going to try figures with oils in the future though and I see many of those painters using oils over acrylic basecoats… If you do get stuck using acrylics the only useful advice I have is to have touch up colors readily available. I paint wargame miniatures besides models and that’s lots of little color applications where it’s easy to hit unwanted areas. I have my color cup close so if I slop paint I quick dip the brush, hit the paper towel, then “paint away” the over paint. If needed I get the touch up color when dry. There are additives you can add to acrylics but that can be more messing around than you’d want.

Maybe it’s because you have used Vallejo Model Air, which is specifically for airbrush. Vallejo Model Color range is intended for brush and works very well in my opinion. The best choice for your question.

Duly noted. Thank you.