Best paint flow additive for Vallejo

Thank you in am using there thinner but wanted to make sure I’m mixing it correct.

They have a flow improver which I don’t have used, I have found their paint retarder helps me when airbrushing.

I don’t spray Vallejo but my son does - he’s had good results using Vallejo airbrush thinner with Model Color paints. (He’s got the Flow Improver but ironically doesn’t use it for spraying…)

I do have the Vallejo Flow improver. I throw a drop or two in when spraying Model Air, along with some retarder.
Keep the air pressure around 12 -14 and it works pretty good.

That would be Vallejo’s own Flow Improver.I mix it 10-2-2

Perfect just ordered a bottle from Amazon thank you for the advice.