Best Punch & Die set for modeling?

I’m looking for suggestions. Currently have a pair of old Waldon & Waldon sub miniature sets. I find both awkward and slow to use.

Thank you.

I have the same as you, I guess there are other sets out there but I never looked into it.
Maybe check out this link:


The other “game in town” when it comes to punch-and-die sets are RP Toolz from Hungary.
They have a line-up of Rivet Makers, Hexagonal and regular PDS, plus some other usefull tools.
I use 2 of their PDS for 4 years now and I’m very happy with them.

Another plus of RP Toolz is-they offer spare punches for their sets.

RP Toolz website


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@Armor_Buff can explain more about your issues with the Waldron set?

I have a number of these and enjoy them but also have the micro mark set which is very similar to the Waldron set. At the time of purchase I couldn’t get the Waldron set and went with a cheaper option.

Angel can you point me to a link? A search of the website found no square punch. Been looking for a square punch for a long time. People agree it is needed but I haven’t found anyone making one.


Unfortunately, RP Toolz do not offer square punch-and-die set…

I use a set of cheap square punches for leather, I found on Ebay a couple of years ago.
I’m not extremely happy with them, but that’s what I found sofar…

I will warmly welcome any good quality hobby square PDS!


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Interesting, I have a generic large circle set like that.

UMM USA has these, two sets for different size squares

Which to me seems to be made for foil sheets and not plastic sheet. I am expecting to see a set similar to the circle and hexagon set.


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Angel, RP Toolz sounds good offering replacements.

Tank_1812, my Waldon sub-minature set, several of the smaller punches have seen better days. Some have damaged cutting edges plus rust from sitting unused for many years despite a light coat of oil. The punches tend to bind & hang in the guide. Mostly they are just so painfully slow & require a lot of fiddling around to use. Knocking ~50 good consistent discs seems to take forever.

Thank you all for the suggestions, I will check them out.


I have a set from Micro-mark , small round punches and a die, but I can’t really recommend it. I keep finding little metal shavings on my punched discs! Slow process making many discs for sure.

I have the circle and hex sets from UMM-USA and I recommend them highly. 10 years old and still sharp and precise. They work smoothly and cleanly and are a pleasure to use.

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If you have the tools, you can use a set of drills.
Drill holes in round stock, nylon is very nice.
Sheet of perspex and steel.
Two pins for register.
Grind rear of drill perfectly flat with a sharp edge
Use a cutting disc to cut off the rear end of the drills.
Insert into nylon round stock.
Lot of work, but gives an idea of where the cost comes from.

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Hello there

I’d echo Angel here and highly recommend RP Toolz sets.

I still have an old Historex set but the RP Toolz set is far better and very user-friendly