Best putty

Preferably water soluble. Best putty? I tried Squadron and Perfect Putty. PP is too grainy, not fine enough.

NOT water soluble, but absolutely the best putty for models, bar none: Bondo automotive spot putty. The red stuff in the tube. $10 for a 10 year supply, doesn’t shrink, sticks to plastic, resin, and metal, sands glass smooth, creamy enough to be forced into small cracks and strong enough to be built into door edges. I’ve tried all the dedicated putties including the new ones and I’ve been using Bondo for 3 decades.
If you want a no-sand putty, get Waterfiller Putty. You paint it on into your seam lines or whatever you want to fill, wait 30 minutes, then wipe away all the excess putty with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol. You get a perfect surface with no sanding.

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One of my friends who’s a true master modeler like @SSGToms said the exact :100: percent samething about

I definitely need to get a tube of Bondo Spot Putty and try the True Earth. Looks like I have to do shopping :shopping: again.

With that said, based on my personal pet favorite used for ~25 years is Molak Stucco Putty. It will thin like paint with with a good liquid cement like Testor’s or Tamiya. One can build up an edge with it if needed but is a slow process. Easily best hobby band putty I’ve used. It’s also fairly hard to find these days.

Molak Stucco Putty

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Perfect Plastic Putty is my go-to water soluble, no-sand putty. Put it on, and smooth / clean it up with a moistened cotton swab.

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Me to ,Perfect Plastic Putty for water soluble,not Water soluble depend,Mr dissolved putty or Mr surfacer 500 for very small gaps,big gaps Styrene,epoxy,a putty a good friend give to me in a plastic tub,he use at work for cars it’s gray but i dont know the name,its soo good,probably a Aussie version of bondo

never had any issues with Perfect Putty being to grainy…did you add a drop or two of water and then stir it in, I sometimes do thay and it works fine for me.

I think Putty depends on what you need it for. Vallejo Plastic Putty is good for small jobs and can be dissolved in water. Mr.Hobby products are good too but require their thinner to dissolve. They also make a ready-made dissolved putty as @Vicious already said, Mr. Dissolved Putty.

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My vote goes to Tamiya Basic Type Putty. Very fine, sands well. Just use some ventilation because the smell is quite strong.


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