Best sbd dauntless kit?

Sure does Tim, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Couldn’t agree more guys: in 1/72 there seems to be a great opportunity for an ambitious model company to bring a 21st century rendition to market, given the number of surviving aircraft on display and the good references available… (Special Hobby, I’m looking at you :wink:)

Picked up academy’s reboxing of accurate miniatures SBD-1 Pearl Harbor

Question, I know at Pearl harbour before the war, they were painted gray. Does anyone have a good match in Tamiya? I was thinking neutral gray XF-53 but it looks a bit dark

Does anyone know if the SBD with New Zealand markings that I believe Italeri did, which from what I have read posted earlier is a remixing of the nice / best rated SBD? Us it accurate OOB as an SBD4 which is what they used, from very little of what I have read about them being?

As far as I know italeri like academy bought molds from accurate miniatures, so they should be good quality. Looking at the kit I bought, it looks excellent.

Pretty sure the italieri is a reboxing of this kit