Best way to paint old Tamiya vinyl tracks

I’m looking for advice on painting old Tamiya vinyl tracks. I like to buy aftermarket tracks but my current build is the old Tamiya stug iv and I can’t justify tracks that are more than the whole kit.

I haven’t had much luck painting these in the past as the paint flakes off. I’m looking for a good way of painting them that would let paint stick. I have access to Tamiya acrylics, Vallejo, and Krylon spray which I have hard can work well

I use the spray paint on them and it works fine for me.

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Most aftermarket tracks wouldn’t fit that kit, as the kit tracks and sprocket are too wide. However, Academy once offered an unauthorized clone of this kit, and produced a set of cheap styrene links to replace the vinyl. You may be able to snag a set cheaply online.
Alternatively. I always used enamel paints on vinyl tracks. The paint is somewhat flexible initially, taking a few days to cure fully, and I was able to fit the tracks after they were “touch-dry” without much flaking. Any minor flakes could be touched up afterward.

I’ve painted dozens of the old Tamiya vinyl tracks with no issues over the years. Here’s what worked for me:

  1. Assemble the vinyl track
  2. Place tracks on the assembled suspension and let sit for a week or so. The tracks will conform and sort “remember” the shape.
  3. Remove tracks
  4. Airbrush tracks with a quality enamel paint thinned about 20% with mineral spirits.
  5. Had very little issues with paint fakes. Easy touch up after tracks reinstalled on the model

The old MiniCraft Academy individual link tracks for the Panzer IV are pretty horrible. Nasty punch marks on the inner face. They were poorly molded and a fit to clean up. I had a set and threw them away. Would take vinyl anytime of those.

Mini-Art and many others make Pz IV tracks for about $15 to $20 a set. That could also be an alternative.

Best wishes with your project.