Better 1/35 E-100 between Amusing and Trumpeter

Love the look was wondering which kit is better

Depends on what you would consider “better.” The original Trumpeter kit had a fictionalized turret conceived by modeler Mike Rinaldi for his scratch-build what-if model, utilizing the Dragon hull (they didn’t ask his permission, but belatedly gave him credit when hobbyists online raised a stink). It’s cool but not accurate.
The more recent Trumpeter kit has the taller Maus II turret, which was actually intended for the vehicle (had it not been canceled). Amusing Hobby’s kit features the same turret. Both kits arm it with a big 150 mm gun with pepperpot muzzle brake, but the intended armament was the 128 mm gun as used on the Jagdtiger. You could always grab a metal 128 mm barrel, if you want to swap it out. Trumpeter offers vinyl tracks, and Amusing has workable styrene tracks. Both kits include photo etch engine screens, I haven’t built these, so I have no idea about fit or engineering of the kits.

Thank you very much

Trumpeter do have a set of workable tracks available for the E-100 line that I like.