Better kit, 1/35 Jagdtiger Henschel Takom Blitz or new HobbyBoss kit?

I’m going to go with either Takom Blitz or the HobbyBoss kit!!! Thanks

The newest Takom kit has apparently address the front plate issue. Apparently the issue was overstated anyway. I have the Porsche Jagdtiger hobby boss kit. Just bought it a couple weeks back actually. It looks like a really nice kit in the box. In my opinion the HB has a slight edge, but can’t go wrong with either

Have you looked at the instruction sheets for both kits on Scalemates? That might help deciding.

The Takom tracks maybe easier to assemble.

The Hobby Boss tracks appear to have more parts and some of those are small. has Hobby Boss for 20% off this weekend if that helps.

I haven’t built the Takom but the hobby boss ones are supposedly workable if built carefully, if that is important. A little more complex but workable, which I always like as it makes fitting them to the vehicle easier

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All in all I have to say I enjoy assembling Takom kits much more than Hobby Boss kits.