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Wingsy Kits has released their new tool 1:48 scale Bf 109E-1

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I’ve been looking forward to this release and have already ordered some from the wingsy kits website where it’s available for $35.00 (list price of $40.00). Postage is kind of high at $18.00, but if you order multiples, you mitigate the postage costs, and no sales tax. You can order up to 3 for the $18.00, which is just $6.00 for each – not bad at all!

Never heard of this brand, I mostly model armor, how are the kit quality? I’ve been looking for a bf-109

It’s a newer company out of Ukraine that earlier released several Japanese aircraft kits that got great reviews. Honestly, I’ve never seen any of their kits in person, but from what I’ve seen on the net and in the modeling magazines they make a nice kit. I’ve been watching the development of this kit via the posts here on AeroScale, and am looking forward to getting it. It looks like they’ve done a super job on it and I’m thinking it’ll become the go-to kit for the 109E series. A short time will tell as the reviews come in!

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Noticed it sold out fast on the site! Must have been fairly hyped! I’ll try and look elsewhere

Oh, wow! I did contribute to that! :grin:

They’re on ebay now, but not as good a deal. And Hannants will probably get them.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before they release the -3 and -4.

Another Bf109?