BF 109 F-2 1/48 Zvesda

Here’s my Zvesda BF 109F2 I am currently building in tandem with a Eduard 1/72 B-25J.

Black 12 of Obfw Heinz Klopper 11/JG51 Dugino, August, 1942. 79 victories, KIA November, 1942.


Redid the camo scheme.


Decals from the top colours book and balkenkreuz from Squadron. Much thicker than Tamiya decals.
Ak real colours used for the paint along with Mr. Color for the nose colours. Currently has a coat of Semi-Gloss clear from Tamiya.


Great work on the camouflage. Looks great.

Is that the snap assembly version? I’ve got the Revell rebox and wondered how it goes together and if there are any problems.

they are probably the best 109 out there. The one exception might be the Dragon 109’s. Build is a touch fiddly, but if you take your time it goes together well. Vector does a whole series of resin for it. I think I still have three left in my way too big of a stash

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Thanks Gary, great to know.
Planning on building mine for my battle of Malta collection.

Thanks guys. Having some issues with the canopy and I am going to try and use the vector one which I have.

I will try and post some more pictures this weekend.

Great job on the camo painting, Dave! Hope to see more soon.

Are you sure Revell co-operates with Zvezda, Stephen? I wouldn’t know … :thinking: Revell Germany co-operates with ICM and had their F-2/F-4 in the programm a few years ago. It’s all about politics, even in our wonderful hobby … :disappointed:

It’s the 1/72, I got the scales confused. It’s got a lot of snap fit features and the only I know that did this recently was Zvezda. Revell seem to be reboxing so many people’s kits I lose track of where they originally came from!
I can post some pics over the weekend, would be interesting to find where it has come from. Just don’t want to hijack the thread.

Looks great Dave, hope you sort out the canopy :smiley:

Thanks Guys,

I have the windscreen and rear glass portion dipped in Future and I will hand mask these which having done the the Vector canopy took a long time.

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Yeah, that’s really awesome camo. I liked both the first version and the second version.

Thanks Phil.

The canopies are done. A very laborious job when one doesn’t have masks.

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I too really like the camo! Curious how you did it. Did you blend it all after? It was that straight airbrush job? I’m trying to learn camo painting and while I think I have the basics down my schemes are always too stark and I would love to learn how to do a more toned down subtle scheme like you have

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Hi Mead,

In terms of painting. I used my PS770 AB. It has a .18mm needle for starters. It gave me good tight lines. The two paints used were RLM 70 and RLM 71. For the RLM 70 (the darker green color) I added some RLM 71 to lighten it. For the RLM 71 I added a bit of white but not as much to lighten it as I did with the RLM 71 to the RLM 70. This gave me less contrast between the two colours as I was trying to come close to the profile in the book. Hope this answers your question.

Thanks for the reply! Makes sense. Really good airbrush work! One thing I’m trying to get better at is subtle variance in camo. I painted this Me-262 over the last week or so. It’s my first finished aircraft I’m about 15 years.

I’m happy with the camo, but it’s too stark for my liking. I strive for something like what you’ve done! Top notch! Part of my issue is only have a Paasche VLS which has a minimum needle size of 0.55 mm. I think I’ll need to upgrade in the future as I do more camo.


You can dry an oil wash to tone down the contrast. If you have some oil paints try that.

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I managed to get the canopies squared away and the landing gear on. Next up will be to add the MG17 guns on the cowling. I have some brass ones for that.


Hey, great paint job on that Bf 109! Did you mask-template or freehand the camo job with airbrush on the wings?