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Eduard is re-releasing at the start of April the Bf 109 G-6 as a Weekend Edition with four marking options

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10 percent chance any “Bf 109G-6 Weekend” ends in a ground loop on Monday morning:)

Ha - I just received the initial weekend boxing of this aircraft by mistake on Friday - had ordered the Eduard Profipack FW 190 . Called the vender and he will ship the correct kit but the 109 looked so good I bought it as well ! Do you think I’ve been duped ? LOL

Gorilla Marketing Strategy at its best!

Probably an honest mistake by a dyslexic baroda scanner when the item was picked for shipping or item in wrong location:)

A little while back I picked a weekend 109 & Profipack 109 - both look like excellent models! They are on the I-wanna-build-list

They are both very good kits to build, particularly the Fw 190.
tim :smile: