Bf109 canopies, which is similar to the T-2?

Hi fellas. I’m looking to buy a T-2 but no one seems to offer a mask. Which canopy did the T variant use, anyone know? I think I’d do better working with a “close” mask than doing it by hand anymore.
Thank you!!!

Hey, from Canada… Google Messerschmitt Bf 109 Variants: Bf 109T. It states That the prototypes were created from existing B,C, and E versions. No actual T models were ever made…

The T-2 shares the canopy with the E-4 and E-7 (the “angular” E-canopy) so look for such masks, shouldn’t be difficult to find. If you don’t find masks, don’t let that fact put you off: the canopy is angular and nice and should be easy to mask using tape strips, filling in the rest with Maskol!

Good luck!



Thank you both very much! I will check for the E-4&7 masks, Magnus!!! :ok_hand:
PJ,T-0 were designed from E models for carrier work on the proposed Graf Zepplin carrier. Only a few were designed then they made some improvements and went to developing the T-1. Not long afterwards the carrier project was cancelled, so a few hundred existing T-1’s had their carrier hooks and catapult harnesses removed and the variant was renumbered T-2. :smile: