Birthday vacation dilema

Here’s my dilemma. I will be making my yearly trip home to DFW to visit the family and celebrate my 49th spin around the sun. Now, I don’t want to spend the next two weeks just twiddling my thumbs for fun. So I’m planning to take a kit or two with me to put together. I am deciding to take some Tamiya kits since they’re easy to put together with minimal parts.

Now, I have several that I could slap together out of the box without a lot of scratch building. Now, I’ve narrowed it down to the following…

I’ll probably6 take one, maybe two of them, but most likely just one of them. I can buy the glue, some paints if I’m lucky to find the brands I use (Vallejo rattlecan paint). Hell; if I get lucky I will be on the hunt for a Takom M3 Grant, which I have been obsessing over since I saw the Australian one get restored.

So; which one would you choose? Help me decide.


The Easy Eight. Kit practically builds itself. Built the Korean War version a few years back.

I built the M51 for the IDF 75 Campaign. I agree. they build themselves fairly easy.


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Bring some guns. I’m a member of two ranges there.

Yeah; that too. :grin:

I was thinking of bringing one of my AKs to play, most likely the Bulgarian. Gonna have to check the ammo real quick, last thing i need is for someone to say that I can’t shoot my 5.45 ammo because is “aRmOr PiErCiNg” (I shoot a lof of Bulgarian Light Ball as well as Silver Bear).

Easy Eight, easy build. Is this a road trip (you are taking guns)? If so, you may be able to pack some tools and an airbrush with you.

They make spray paint? I did not know that!

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They sure do. Their flat black is what i use as a base coat on all my builds and theur US Olive Drab is the nicest shade; their Russian 4BO is a shade dark, but i like it a lot for WW2 Soviet armor.


I painted this Tamiya M8 HMC in rattlecan OD.


And this old Tamiya T-34/85 got the Russian 4BO Protective Green treatment.

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Good problems to have. All three are good options. The two Sherman’s while different (the kits not just the versions) they are very similar so the tasks will be the same.

One thing I’ll do before i leave is craft the sponson covers for the M4A2. Old Tamiya Shermans have that annoying flaw.

Luckily, I have this template from the Armorama Archives.

ShermanFix.pdf (

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True but if you leave the sand shields on like the box art you won’t see/notice it.

Yeah; but I won’t be adding the sides skirts when I build it.


I love to see the full suspension.

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