Black ops models Austrailian M1A1 SA conversion set

Im planning on adding a Aussie M1A1 SA or a M1A2 SEP V.3 to my growing fleet of export Abrams
the Blacl Ops Set is for Dragon’s M1A2 SEP to back date it to a A1 SA and im wondering if any one happens to to have any idea if it will work with the Rye Field kits

I think an Aussie Abrams would be a good addition.



It should fit the Rye Field kit fine. The Dragon and Rye Field kits are pretty much identical in size.

It is a pretty nice set. I reviewed it here:

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I used to have one I used a tamiya M1A2 back dated to a A1 I purged all my Tamiya Abrams in favor of the Rye Fields Abrams kits I have a A1 in the stash for a Aussie A1 but i may even decide to get another A2 SEP V.3 for a Aussie SEP V.3


I would like to build one myself. Too bad Rye Field can’t re-pop an A1 with an Aussie update tree.

It’s a nice update, but the rations box sheet on mine doesn’t have the edges printed and they don’t answer emails. Kinda sour after that.

That would be nice but unfortunately everything related to Australian M1 can only be bought from Australia

i sent them 2 emails about their Abrams Conversion compatibility with the RYE Field kit and got no response would also like to know about what will be different on the Aussie M1A2 SEP V.3

I just sent them an email. If they don’t answer emails, I won’t bother ordering.

sadly its either black ops or Arms Corps for a Aussie Abrams

The umbrella holder, & the camouflage are the only substantial external differences between Australian & USian M1A2 SEP v3. The first one was handed over last week.

On the austrailian M1a1 the had a refridgerator in the bustle rack all the extra stuff in the sep v.3 where did they put the refridgerator on thier SEP V.3?

Nothing confirmed, yet, however unless deployed & fitted with ECM, SEP v3 appear to have enough room in the bustle rack adjacent the VCSU for the refrigerator.

Here’s a pic I took in 2010 of an A1 w/EAPU & fridge.

the reason for my curiosity that that Sep V.2 and SEP V.3 are equipped the same as you see in the pic of my SEP V.2 there is another box of some sort that is also common with the SEP v.3 now the question is would that also be on thr Austrailian M1A2 SEP V.3?

That is the ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) box he is talking about. It is not known yet whether the Aussie M1A2 SEP v3 will have it or not.

It doesn’t.

I did receive an email from Black Ops a day or 2 ago. They said that it could be used with Rye Field or other kits. It was designed for the Dragon kit, and the instructions refer to the dragon kit, so I imagine we would have to do a little “translating” to install on another kit.

Hi I purchased this set from Matt ,I found his service excellent,he informed me when it was dispatched with a tracking number etc. He replied to my inquiry regarding if I could use the Menu kit promptly through messenger.
Regarding your question about where the fridge would go could it not fit in the Bustle extension rack?

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It is a very nice conversion and great service from Australia. I just need the Dragon kit to get started. He’s got some other good stuff in the works. Check his FB page for more.

Not sure