Blackburn Buccaneer S. 2C Royal Navy Air Service | AeroScale

A genuinely fantastic build of the superb Airfix new tooled Blackburn Buccaneer S. 2C from modelling friend Dragan Cvetić

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what exterior alterations would need to be done to make this a Gulf War version?

@Klaus-Adler I know wingtips were changed to improve handling at low to medium altitudes. Probably scabbed on chaff/flares if they weren’t already a standard fit by then.
I think all the parts are included in the Airfix RAF boxing. Not been able to get my hands on either yet to confirm.

A really nice build. Always good to see one.

Could the title of the thread be edited though as the RNAS ceased to be after 1918. Should read Fleet Air Arm.

@phantom_phanatic this is the 1/72 in tbis review, what about new 1/48 version that airfix has recently released.

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No idea, sorry mate. Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve seen anything about the 1/48.
I wonder if there’s anything on scalemates?

Seems like the 1/48 only has Royal Navy options.
I expect they’ll do an RAF boxing next year.

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@phantom_phanatic yeah i had heard the 1/48 was the navy version and it was alluded tp in a review i reaf that there might be an air force version in the pipeline.

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If I could get away with displaying it, I’d get one of the 1/48’s!
I’ll have to get one of the 1/72’s so I can do all the RAF Gulf War aircraft. And a reminder to myself that I really do need to finish that Jaguar I started.

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