Blackdog: IDF Figures and Street Base | Armorama™

Two new figures of Israeli Soldiers, available separated or together, and a base of a street corner

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Nice job

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Is the Tavor rifle correct? Their first ones don´t look convincing for me.

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Almost identical poses, would have been nice to maybe see a slightly different pose in legs at least……

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Top pic isn’t a Tavor look at it closer m16 forward sight

Is Figure No.2 meant to be holding a Tavor Carbine? If not then its pretty shoddy of BD to be using a box image with a broken barrel.:no_mouth:

Comparison between real Tavor and Black Dogs iteration.


Meng Model infantry will be a better choice.

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The thing about the Tavor that makes it so well loved by the troops is that you can change it’s configuration in mere minutes right hand to left multiple barrel lengths that aren’t hard to swap out at all etc etc

I’ve seen everyone of the ones by Black dog in the real world being carried by males and females in all branches of the IDF


I always wondered why IDF switched from Galil to M4. Has it been too heavy?


That’s the long version I carried the short version in Lebanon with the M203 and loved it but it was even a pain in the M107 drivers position… and not any better in the m109’s
They are heavy but solid… only issues I’ve had is the rear sites wobble due to it being on the removable cover brand new no issue but it loosen with every removal of said cover.
The new generation one is still heavy but perfect in combat


You’re just proving to me and everyone else exactly what you are.

Now Sod off


Hello Robert there is nothing wrong with your posts and I request you keep providing information.


I read somewhere that the Galil was somewhat costly to produce in comparison to the tens of thousands of M16s and CAR-15s the US provided Israel over the decades. Ther Galil has a long and distinguished career as one of Israel’s proven battle rifles. I personally own a civilian “Galeo” pistol that’s built (by American Tactical Inc.) from Galil SAR parts kits. The SAR carbines were usually issued to paratroopers and AFV crews.


Dragon makes an IDF Paratrooper set armed with Galil variants; including the SAR, SAR with the M203, ARM with a rifle-launched grenade along with an FN-MAG general purpose machine gun.

Perfect setup for 1982-83 Lebanon War.

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A word of caution on the Dragon IDF Paratrooper figure kit. Being one of DML’s first figure kits, the figures scale out to around 1/32 scale, not 1/35. Thus, the figures and weapons are way too large when grouped with other 1/35 IDF figures.

if you want Galil rifles, then I suggest that you buy them aftermarket instead of obtaining them from the DML IDF Paratrooper figure set unless you want those DML figures and guns to stand alone as 1/32 scale.

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Robert, may ask what the name TAVOR means?


Tavor is the Modern Hebrew transliteration of תבור Tabor , the name of Mount Tabor.

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My pleasure